Dragon Ball Super episode 22 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 22 : “Change! Impossible Resurrection! The Name is Ginyu!”



  • Don't Judge plz

    GINYU IS BaCk!!!
    mY FaVORiTE ChARAcTER In ANy ANImE EVEr!!!!!

  • Phoenix Fire

    Stronger than the Ginyu force huh? eh, cant be that strong-

    *proceeds to beat the shit out of Piccolo and Gohan*

    ok then. quite a lot stronger than the Ginyu force. Almost like the comparison was completely benine.

  • Larkspur94

    gotenks is plenty strong enough to beat frieza i’m sure. just go ssj 3 and bam. i just feel like the writing staff in super don’t really understand who is more powerful than who. even with the peace period, they should be far stronger than we are seeing.

    • Max

      the power level are totally inconsistent. the writers pretty much change it as they see fit.. also, that’s probably why they left majin buu out of this, because frieza killing buu would just be ridiculous

      • Prymark

        You do realize that you were told earlier that Frieza has been training for 4 months after a lifetime of never having to train, and if you’ve seen the movie, Frieza has reached a level that stands almost equal with a Super Saiyan God Blue.

        Frieza back in the original saga almost stood equal to a Super Saiyan, and he had never trained a day in his life. You seriously underestimate how powerful Frieza is when he takes the time to intensively train. As stated by himself, Frieza is a prodigy, a very powerful prodigy, who only needs 4 months of training to reach incredible heights of power.

        So no, not Gotenks, nor Buu would be able to defeat Frieza after he had trained. Before his training perhaps, but not after.

          • Prymark

            Um, yeah? Of course the writers control the plot, THAT IS THEIR JOB! I just simply understand it, not control it.

            Don’t get me wrong, the story can have some pretty bad arcs and plot holes, and the whole “Frieza strong in 4 months” thing is, in my opinion, lazy writing.

            That wasn’t the point of my comment tho. You said the power levels were inconsistent with Frieza. Technically, it’s not. It was stated that he had trained for 4 months after never having trained a day in his life. It made sense.

            If Frieza had just been revived, and came to Goku and stood against him without that training, then yeah, the power levels would have been inconsistent. But Frieza did train, which caused him to be stronger. Which made sense.

          • Manored

            It would be easy to make Freeza stronger in a small time frame too, after all DBZ’s universe is one where people keep “living” in the afterlife, so its not like Freeza was frozen in time. He could have been training in hell all this time, like Goku trained in heaven when he was dead. But they decided that instead he spent all his time in hell in a bizarre torture, that somehow didn’t drive him insane.

    • Chris Soprano

      ok so since he already explained why he is stronger then gotenks and trunks i want to take the time to explain who is wrighting this since you clearly dont understand akira toriyama the same person who wrote DB and DBZ is wrighting this im pretty sure he understand who is stronger then who he is the original wrighter you on the other hand clearly dont pay attention then bitch about the “wrighting staff”

  • Biteme

    Gohan… we went over this…


    • Chris Soprano

      he hasnt trained in years mystique gohan dont mean shit with out keeping up his training have you not been paying attention and he wouldnt of got hurt by that blast if he didnt lower his power level goku gets fucked up by a gun later on cause he lowerd his power level yeah they are unbelivabley strong but it dont mean shit if they are causing their own weakness

      • Manored

        Aye. The power of the Z-fighters increases ridiculously fast when they train, so it stands to reason that if they stop training their power will fall a ton as well.

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