Dragon Ball Super episode 26 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 26 : “A Chance of Victory in a Pinch! It is Time for a Counterattack Son Gokū!”



  • MrSaporito

    Goku’s level of forgiveness is crazy. He was just about to try letting him go again so he could get stronger and they’d get to fight again.

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Do you want every fight to not have any suspense? I doubt you could write it any better. You should just be grateful that they’re still producing canon.

    • Enel

      In the dub, sure. The word he says means both of those things in Japanese. It’s just however you want to interpret the tone of the word.

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      I disagree… To be honest, I think a big part of the reason they retold the story of the movies in the new series was because they may have felt that the movies were rushed, for the two biggest fights in DB history. I think they do a great job of retelling the story and making it more intense. And there’s hardly any filler!

  • Ĵîñkêz

    This series is actually good if you think about it to be honest i don’t think ill ever get tired of dragon ball z <3 its amazing series as it is

  • Anthony

    The power level inaccuracies in this series are frustrating if not infuriating….in 4 months freeza got just as powerful as ssj god(ish) goku after all his training? bs. i don’t care what kind of “prodigy” freeza is. They do such a terrible job showing how powerful they are anyway, always making the good guys look like emotional wet paper bags and the “bad guys” are cut throat – to the point stone cold killers with unfathomable power – pulled out of thin air.
    When goku was fighting beerus they were tearing apart the universe with the shock-waves of their punches alone….yet now when goku is far more powerful than when he fought beerus – and freeza is “just as powerful” – they have no effect on the universe at all and they can openly fight at full power on a cliff with little to no effect on their surroundings? GTFO of here….i feel like I’m being played for a fool watching this, or perhaps i have officially gotten too damn smart to watch this series…..even Naruto was able to keep their “scope of power” together with lore and reasoning throughout the series.

    • Sean

      They have made a joke out of power levels. Look at gohan. This means that Buu saga was all a joke. Mystique gohan was way more powerful than goku and vegeta. Also ginyu was able to defeat gohan even though he was in a better body but still it was ginyu. Only one who has performed better is krillin

    • Manored

      They should be moving so fast that their friction against the atmosphere would set them on fire, and most likely also create enough heat to torch their surroundings as well. DBZ has just elevated the power level of characters so much, its become impossible to represent fights in a manner that would make sense, because in theory these guys should be destroying the planet just from exchanging blows in it. There are too many things to take in account, and too many of them would make fights boring to watch, impossible or too destructive.

      Buy I still enjoy watching the show, so I just kinda make my own headcannon explanations as I go, based on the hints the show drops. My explanation for the speed thing is that Ki can be used to boost one’s strength or speed, but fighters invest different proportions of their Ki in each of those priorities, aka, being super-fast deprives you of strength. So during those normal-speed slugging matches, the’re both completely focused on strength so the’re moving at relatively normal speeds, but their punches and Ki attacks pack huge densities of energy. This would also explain how come sometimes a fighter “flashsteps” to right behind an equal opponent. During that brief moment he switched the focus to speed to surprise his opponent.

  • Nel Ca (ichinel)


    – I’ma go watch hentai now, it’s much more satisfying and makes more sense than this crap.

  • GamerMax MC5/UT

    I think im a genius now, some time earlier I tough DB was so cool… but now I think it has no sense -.-

    goku vs beerus: ok, shokwaves and things
    goku vs frieza: WTF that makes no sense! frieza is so strong but goku Is much more stronger than before when he fought beerus and no shokwaves, no destroctuion, no “nuclear war-like destruction stuff” … I got too smart to watch this

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