Dragon Ball Super episode 27 English Dubbed

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  • El cheeko Breeko

    The countdown is wrong its supposed to be out already. Ive found one but it was awful quality.

    How come no ones cares about Dragonball Dub? 🙁

  • Lauden

    Now they go back to episode 1 and replay all the episodes twice b4 they dub the next 30 episodes. 90’s dubbing ftw.

  • Navrup Bhinder

    Ain’t no better time to be a dragon ball z fan! Best moment with Vegeta.

    also if you have instagram: saiyan_culture

  • Marc van der Meijden

    although cool it was stupid,youre telling me that goku chargin up flying there and using the kamahameha takes less time then vegeta firing his energie he already has pointing at frieza,although cool am calling it unnessasery,vegeta is smart enuf to kill frieza before he could destroy earth but allas its storyplot.

  • DJ Siddiki

    Akira Toriyama is a bustard. He always made Goku the man of the moment. Instead of finally giving Vegeta his big victory and revenge over Frieza he kills Vegeta again i guess that’s for the third time in Vegeta’s lifetime. It was totally unnecessary story plot. Where they would turn back the time and make Goku the ultimate hero and the ultimate saviour of Earth. Where Vegeta gets no credit for taking down Frieza in seconds. And every thanks goes to Goku? Not Vegeta? Though this been the best episode of the series so far because of Vegeta’s badassery, but i still hate this episode very much. DBS sucks because of Goku…….FACT

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