Dragon Ball Super episode 34 English Dubbed

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  • TheDarkLord Gamer - Gaming & M

    Hello, can the website just release english dub of episode 35-109? I really can’t wait and I like the english dub better than the english sub, is there anyway to make it fast? Most of the old episodes have been released way back in 2015, they should already have english dubs, but as of now all I can find is episode 34 🙁

    • Guest

      They can’t, as even though the footage is recorded already, it’s being aired weekly on adult swim (cartoon network) which is where they steal it from. Maybe if someone hacked the company and stole the footage, which will never happen, but other than that we are sadly gonna have to wait slowly for the dub (which is a million time better than sub hence why I only watch this).

      • TheDarkLord Gamer - Gaming & M

        That really sucks, they should have done it way back in 2015, so there would be a lot of english dub, do you have any idea how many episodes are released per week with english dub? Thank you.

          • justoboy13

            because they are still dubbing it and have to release it slowly otherwise you would get a season of it then have to wait several months before you got the next season. so would you rather wait 1 week per episode or half a year to a year per season.

  • 2 episodes a week at least plz

    Is asking for 2 episode a week to much to ask for, come on Cartoon Network this is getting good and 25 mins is wayyyyy to little.

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