Dragon Ball Super episode 60 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 60 : “Title”



  • DBLeon

    I like how Super did not forget its copout (Whis’s Time Rewind Powers) most shows make up a copout power and then forget it. but Super remembered that whis can rewind time Good Work Toei.

  • Luxion

    If Akira pulls something out of his ass like Black Goku being a Tuffle or something I WILL FLIP MY SHIT IN ANGER. We DO NOT need another GT.

    • AsurasPath22

      He already fucked it up, when Black fired a kamehameha at both SSB and Future Trunks, but instead of dying, Trunks survived. Such a shit series when it comes to consistency.

  • Luxion

    Beerus was wrong, BIG SURPRISE THERE AMIRITE!?!?

    Synopsis of this episode so far:

    Zamasu: jk not dead lol

    Black: Now you will see my final form!

    Vegeta: *gets bet up again*

    Goku: *saves the day* OR *gets beat up again*

    M. Trunks: *Has 9000th emotional revelation*

    • CiscotheSoto

      Saitama comes in at the last second, punches Goku Black, kills him, then flips off Goku and Vegeta. Best ending for this saga.

    • Aaron Soldier

      Why are Anime fans so freaking gay? Take that faggot ass picture down before I puke from this faggotry dancing! In my hood, we dance like real niggas not like little white bois on crack.

      • Yonko

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  • Kasomoru

    will be done with DB the next time Vegeta gets owned, sware.
    why did they make him good he should have stayed evil he was wayyy cooler that way.

  • Kenny Thorson

    Listen, there are 5 zamasus (5 timelines, as shown by the time rings in universe 10), one died last episode by beerus, two are in trunks’ future existing as supreme kai (immortal zamasu) and destruction god (black goku), and will die soon, the other 2 will show up during the omni tournament and fuse together, these are the unseen time line zamasu and the prime timeline zamasu.

    this will form an abomination or demon god (2 identical kais from alternate timelines fused), and they will break the seal to the so called “destroyed” 6 universes which is now the sealed off demon realm.

    Most likely this whole thing was a giant plan setup long before omni king sealed off the demon realm. I bet Dabura was even in on it and wasn’t actually under babidi control. Everything down to trunks time traveling was set in motion long ago to create a universe unseen by the gods. Which is why time travel is so illegal in the god world.

    • Kenny Thorson

      here is a longer explanation of my theory….

      One other big fact people have not picked up on yet is that the Omni
      King has not and did not destroy 6 universes. he may have allowed people
      to believe this but what actually has happened is the 6 destroyed
      universes were actually sealed away. Think similar to the Timelock that
      sealed Galifrey away in Dr. Who. They are just sealed off.

      But why? They were infected with demons. Hence they are now the
      6 “demon” universes. Makes perfect sense. Each universe has a pair. 12
      universes. 6 pairs. and one demon universe to pair with each pair. It
      would be like the Legion in World of warcraft. but not….lol. But mark
      my words, This will be the end of the tournament. and the start of the
      next saga. The tournament will be a quick saga like the grand kai
      tournament was. And it will open up to the demon king god saga….just
      watch. and this is where the makaioshin are. zamasu and black will fuse
      with pataru and be the one that will break the seal to the demon
      universes. It also makes sense because of the pairing order. 1 pairs
      with 12, since 6 pairs with 7. So which universes did the other 6 pair
      with according to that logic. They didn’t, is the explanation. The demon
      universes is why the other universes has pairs in the first place. 2
      universes per one demon universe. and each demon universe is super
      stupid powerful hence it would only be fair to pit one demon universe
      against 2 universes. I think you all see what I’m saying about the demon
      universes. It’s too heavily hinted at in the xenoverse game and was
      also teased during the buu saga with Dabura the demon king. Didn’t you
      ever wonder what these demons he was king of were, or where they were?
      They didn’t call him Dabura, the king of Earth’s Hell. It was Demon

      This arc is getting so epic that I’m starting to think that it’s
      responsible for the Mandela Effect!!!! Think about it! We would be on
      the earth of universe 6 that got wished back by beerus for Champa’s
      universe. lol. and all of trunk’s time traveling is causing weird shit
      to bleed over to our universe now that zamasu has chain linked cause and
      effect of universe 6, 7 and 10 and all three are now entangled with the
      4 alternate timelines of Universe 7. recall the 4 timelines we know of,
      orignal timeline, cell wins timeline, trunks wins timeline, and unkown
      timeline. It’s like the terminator story on frikken crack! And don’t
      forget that universes are paired. So at some point Universe 3 is going
      to get involved in this stuff

      but really, I was just joking about the mandela effect of course but
      think about it. the 6 missing destroyed universes are each a demon
      universe one for each pair of universes. It takes two universes to keep
      one demon universe sealed. This is why we have paired universes. The 2
      zamasu’s, black and immortal zamasu will merge and become a demon god.
      the only demon god that exists outside the sealed realms other than
      dabura who is dead if he was even a demon god, i think he as just a
      demon king, he’s probably who initiated the plan for 0 mortals though to
      infect zamasu with the idea. they probably destroy universe 3 or
      something and then will unseal universe 15 (Demon universe 3) by doing
      so. and the plot will twist from there.

      Just my thoughts, and if thats not what they are doing, they
      should….lol The story is all there and the pieces have been fed to us.
      The makaioshin will be the rulers of the demon universes.

      my prediction is that we see demon universe 6 and 3 which would be
      universe 15 and 18……..since demon universe 6 would likely go with
      pair 6 and demon universe 3 would go with pair 3.pair 3 is universe 3
      and 10. pair 6 is universe 6 and 7. My best guess is pair 3 gets
      swallowed up whole by the demon universe 3 (old universe 15) and it will
      spark events where we get warning of the incoming invasion from
      universe 18…thus giving way for an epic battle of unkown

      Maybe Ozotto will be this next arc’s super villain. Leader of the demon
      universes and makaioshin? Like equivalent to omni king……but on the
      demon side of things…..just a wild guess there…lol

      The 0 mortals plan was probably put in play by a higher demon
      power…..such as Ozotto who most likely sent Dabura to Universe 7
      before the omni king sealed off the universes in order to have him start
      the 0 mortals plan into action. They could reverse the whole babidi
      bibidi mindcontrolling dabura thing and rework it so that dabura was
      never under mind control and was simply pretending to be under control
      and everything including the creation of buu, etc, etc including trunks
      time traveling and creating other universes would all be part of the
      demon universes grand master plan for 0 Mortals….obviously I have no
      idea who the bad guys really are gonna be, but I see this scenario being
      hinted at in some fashion

      obviously I don’t have the whole picture, But I know I am
      clueing in on something that we are all overlooking. Everytime I watch
      that scene where they tell us about the 18 universes and how 6 were
      destroyed. I know there is way more to that story. And I know it has to
      do with demon realms and makaioshin. I just know it….The main reason
      being again, the numbering on the pairing of universes! If there were 18
      universes then why are 1-12 paired with each other starting at the
      center which is 7 and 6…..universe 13-18 would not conform to the same
      pairing principle at all. It’s nonsense after 12. So to give us this
      pairing system that goes to 12 logicallly with 6 and 7 at the center but
      then to also tell us there use to be 18 universes and those 6 are
      gone……just, right in front of our faces. They are teasing us….big
      time. This also explains why time travel is so “illegal” in the world of
      the gods as explained by Beerus. It is a weakness in the multiverses
      construction and clearly a known weakness. by weakness, I mean it is A
      way for demons to invade un-noticed by the gods , kais, or omni king by
      use of alternate time lines that they don’t see nor control…

      One final thing I want to point out is Zamasu. There are currently 4
      alternate timeline multiverses as shown by the 4 extra time rings in
      universe 10 kai palace. What this tells me is this. Our timelines Zamasu
      is DEAD!Now that Beerus killed him. Goku Black is the zamasu from
      Cells timeline, and the immortal Zamasu is the zamasu from Trunks
      Timeline. Since Shin the supreme kai was killed in trunks timeline
      fighting Dabura, that means that trunks timeline has no gods of universe
      7. So black and immortal zamasu assume the role of grand supreme kai
      and god of destruction. These two Zamasu will be beaten and killed by
      the end of this
      saga and b4 the start of the omni tournament. However, during the
      tournament, the other 2 remaining zamasu’s. the one from the Original
      prime timeline and then the zamasu from the unseen timeline will both
      show up un-announced at the tournament, surprining everyone of course
      that there are still 2 more zamasu left after killing 3 already… They
      will Fuse with pataru earings. Since they are the same multiversal being
      fusing into one person they will fuse into an abomination, or more
      importantly, a demon god. This demon god will then break the seal to one
      of the demon universes. and the saga will liely be about stopping the
      rest of the seals from being broken and sealing the one that has been

      • t ru

        Only Problem is that there is no “seal” on Universe 6, since that is Champa’s universe, and we have already seen the likes of their Freezer and such….Interesting idea but flawed

          • Marc van der Meijden

            how does writting about pages of a basment relate to what the other guy was talking about,it was a desent story in all,and by youre judgement every person who makes up a story should get a life? so in youre world we would not have anny movies or series? because everyone with a desent story should get out of a basement and do soemthing productive,so you are infact following something you think is unproductive,what does that make you? a walking contradiction is my gues.

      • Mark Sidney Foster

        Interesting theory though somewhat flawed in many respects. Would make for a very captivating plot though!

      • Jack

        You are overlooking a few things. For example with the universe pairing; While it wouldn’t make sense now to start from 6-7 rather than 9-10 if there were 18(and if you were following that pattern); while there were 18 universes, the universes would be almost definitely be allocated different names. Simply – Who says that those 6 were consecutive (and later) universes?

        However; It’s likely that Whis was just using the ‘center-outwards’ description to show more clearly the way the mirroring works. If so then it’s all irrelevant anyway.

        I’m not saying that you can’t be right, because who knows what they have in store. I’m just saying that if you were, it’s not your logic that got you there… and in saying that, I’m not trying to be an ass for the sake of it, I’m just explaining how there’s no good reason to expect that part of your theory to be what they have planned. As interesting as it is.

      • 9000!!!

        Your theory is probably way more thought out than the DB series. There is never a long deep story with crazy twists in DB. They reference some things from the past and episodes are written fairly simply. I’ll tell you what though, I like your theory and would actually love to see DBS go down that path but I highly doubt it will.

      • Hisblood77

        One thing I like to say to this man is amazing theory and your probably right. However I found one flaw as of right now. Goku Black can’t be from cell’s timeline because Goku was already dead in that timeline which leads me to believe he is from one the 2 unknown timelines we don’t know about. Prime is the present timeline, 2 is trunks, 3 is cell, then you got 4 and 5 as the unknowns. Prime Zamasu is dead, I think your right about immortal zamasu beind 2nd timeline, 3rd timeline is most likely an unknown zamasu we don’t know about possibly in similar ways to 2nd timeline. 4 or 5 is where black comes from most likely because black said he switched bodies with Goku and then killed him so there had to of been a goku dying from zamasu in those timelines. I wanna say 4 or 5 may have had a similar timeline to the prime timeline because Goku was alive and didnt die from the heart virus but unsure of how Cell came in.

        • Marc van der Meijden

          dont think its a flaw,the dragon can wish a death body back and then wish to be placed in it,but 1 thing would be wrong,he couldnt have switched souls with goku and killed him because goku would already long be in heaven with a halo so he would just go in the body but never have killed goku that bit is not wel thought through lol

      • Marc van der Meijden

        would not surpise me if the king of all has an evil twin lol they always have to balance it all out,what am curious about is if the king of all wil do something in all this or if he is just there to withnis or maybe barely in the rest of all this.

    • Michael Ashbrook

      i was thinking about this and youre right about universe 13 to 18 not following the universe rules that were stated and didnt dabura mention something about the demon realm and even though its not canon wasnt garlik jr and the spice gang sealed in some sort of demon type realm?

  • Jaki May

    The ep FREAKING CRASHED for me while it was being streamed RIGHT AT THE FREAKING END ghshrstjhnsrjnwsrjhnbw5enhytmitupougilkui’/;po[;’puojhbeAfw

  • Kahmad

    Why do the subs for Dragonball take so long? I can’t complain since im watching it for free but still, why? Almost every other anime out there has no issue

  • Zardock

    Seriously everything that happened in this episode could have occurred in 5 minutes.. way to stretch out nothingness.

    • Mkhasrouh

      just wait lol wtf is wrong with you people ? watching free anime and still complain like a little girl!!! wait for the subtitle version they are working on it and after they finish say thank you for your great effort and dont complain again

  • Blacky

    So by some rough translation (Yet to be confirmed) here’s what I concluded :
    Black to Goku: Right after I used the dragon balls to transfer my mind and body into yours, I killed you ( Goku who was THEN into zamasus Body – Just like when Gyinu switched bodies with Goku and Goku was in Gyinus body) with my own bare hands.
    In summary: After zamasu became black, he killed His old body that had Goku in it.

  • ZairFair

    Bulma and family with goku time travels in a small ship xd

    The demon universes theories are interesting.I’d wait and see what happens more.

  • Vincent Gnanaraj

    worst episode ever, so many expectations, yet these 2 shitty trunks talked trash till end, and wasted all time

  • Loki311


  • adi

    this series getting bored now ……no fight no fight no fight ..there is only a story ….even the story is also going bored now worst series in all…..highly dissapointed

  • Tho Athome

    i am very impressed by the animation it has improved greatly over time, i really don’t mind them taking two weeks to complete one episode knowing the animation will keeps improving like this.

  • Arturo Fernandez

    I don’t see how they’ll win this war… either they call the god of all universe lol or they triple fusion hahah or they give all the energy to goku again like in broly’s movie…. no clue 😀

  • Kraxxxx

    wtf!!! worst episode of this series nothing intrsting to see in this episode… i think they are trying to make dragon ball super more like a comedy show, damn i miss DBZ very much!!!

  • Athol Nimbus

    I do not mean to be rude or anything but the subtitles for the outro song are incorrect. The song has changed and you guys used the same subs as the previous. Hope you can fix it soon.

  • Hoemayoen Nahory

    it will take 3 more weeks till the fight start nothing new remember the old days when the kamehameha took like 15min lol

  • razgriz821

    wow.. all these comments.. it’s like they think dragonball is all about fighting and no character development or downtime.. tss.. probably never even watched db and dbz episodes if they complain this much..

    • Dragon Ball rules

      He could have gone to Zuno (assuming he’s still alive), and ask: “who is the strongest mortal?” Which would end up with the answer Son Gokū, and Zuno would also tell him where he is. Son Goku could have been killed by Zamasu in the afterlife (since you’re still alive…kinda). And if you’re dead alreayd and killed again, you’ll be erased from existence (Goku said this in Boo saga).

      • Cell

        It’s weird… That means that the black that we saw fight was like as strong as like goku ssj3 as in the current timeline,goku could only achieve power up to ssj3 when he was dead. So zamasu got gokus ssj3 afterlife body, then killed his own body.

  • Chingchingching

    I like to have these questions answered too, but we can’t forget they have a time ring and probably two now. Plus we don’t know how many times they used the sdb’s. Zamasu is probably more powerful then we think. Goku just needs to call the omni king lol

      • Jack The Flipper

        That’s a really good theory actually. That might also explain why Goku Black is trying to “catch up” to the present SSB Goku in terms of fighting skills.

      • Philip J. Fry

        it goku from Timeline 4

        timeline 1 goku is still alive main timeline. Zamasu dead Killed by Beerus

        timeline 2 Goku dies from Heart Virus. ” Future Trunks” Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to wish for immortality.

        timeline 3 goku died from the heart virus. “This timeline follows a similar path to timeline 1 and timeline 2, trunks dies. zamasu is still alive

        timeline 4 goku is still a live “This timeline can be seen as the first “version” of timeline zamasu Killed by Goku Black.Zamasu gained this form by a wish from the Super Dragon Balls, switching bodies and minds with the Goku of his world, With the Time Ring in hand, Black began traveling to various parallel realities in search for one that lacked a God of Destruction.

        there are 5 Zamasu

        It is explained by Gowasu that a green Time Ring appears when an alternate timeline is created. With four green Time Rings being shown aside from the main silver Time Ring for their own timeline, it is implied that there are five different timelines.

        • Kenny Thorson

          I believe you are correct sir…..look up my video on youtube under “5 zamasu demon god multiverse dragon ball super episode 61 sub spoiler “

    • Bob

      And yet he kept his body in the afterlife. We know gods can give their lives to save others (Old Kai in the Buu saga did that,) so maybe Goku Black was made by Zamasu doing that, but with a a bit soul switching.

  • BlackJ250

    isnt any of the characters going to call zamasu out on not using the dragonballs wish to just blow up earth or all humans?

  • Really Nigga?

    I knew it would be an m night Chamberland it seemed to simple when they said they used the super dragon balls to make a fake Goku?? btw they used the wrong lyrics in the intro?❤

      • Ciksson

        Off course, as Zastava Yugo is a better car than Ferrari.

        The shit you read on this site, fckin fanboys. Honestly if there was a pile of shit with a DBS name on it, you would go all over it as the best thing ever. Dumbass!

    • Luxion

      While DBS’s episodes aren’t going that fast, DBZ was WAAAY worse. Sure, DBZ’s animation was better than DBS, but in all honesty DBS is progressing nicely compared to it’s predecessor. This is in the fourth main season in only 60 episodes, something DBZ didn’t get to until episode 108. You have to admit, that’s some pretty damn good progress story-wise in comparison.

  • Jack

    Wait, I thought Black seemed surprised to meet Goku when they first met. As though he had only heard talk of him or was meeting a clone of himself.

    This continuity seems off?

    • Kerry Johnson

      This would actually explain my question. If in future Trunks timeline, Goku died before the Android saga due to some virus, then Zamasu would never have met him.

  • Royals81

    still can’t get it… how come god of universe 10 was allowed to be killed by god of destruction of universe 7????? is there no god of destruction on universe 10????

    • Josh Piercy

      There is a god of destruction for universe 10 because there’s one for every universe that has a kai. If one dies so does the other. The god of destruction for universe 10 probably just didn’t care enough to kill Zamasu himself, and didn’t know that Gowasu was going to die

      • Royals81

        did’nt know that Gowasu was going to die would be logical reason. but the statement “probably just did’nt care enough to kill Zamasu himself” is flawed… we all know that once supreme kai dies god of destruction also dies…so he will not let anyone touches Gowasu for sure…same as Beerus to supreme kai of U7…. but so lame idea that at their level of power they cannot detect one’s presence visiting their own territory?

      • Royals81

        no you can’t say that god of destruction for U10 just did’nt care enough to kill Zamasu…remember that god of destruction will also die if Gowasu dies… but damn so illogical how at their level of power…one god of destruction they cannot detect the presence of other visiting god of destruction in their own domain..

    • Db fan

      What do you mean universe 10 god was killed? Nobody allowed that because it didn’t happen, the supreme kai needs to die for the god to die but he wasn’t actually killed since whis rewound time.

      • Royals81

        Dude Zamasu was a god…have you watch what beerus told old trunks that killing one god by another god would surely affect the timeline?

  • Ryukashin

    Hahaha Goku has never kissed chi-chi!? I feel like that’s wrong and happened in at least one episode, but would explain why she is always mad at him.

  • Kerry Johnson

    So if the Goku from future Trunks timeline died from a virus before the Cell saga, then how did future Zamasu meet Goku and discover the Super Dragonballs?

  • Billy123

    This is what will happen I expect , previously Berrus and whiz have said ” if the sayains work together they will be able to beat zamazu easily ” which could be inferring a fusion but with them both bieng super saiyan blue before they fuze creating a stronger bieng then both zamazu and black as they can’t fuze or can they ?

    • Josh Piercy

      They definitely can fuze if they wanted to as they both have on the earrings of the kai’s. If they switched it to where they wore them on the opposite ear of the other then they would fuze, but not be able to take it back, so they’d probably only do that as a very last resort

  • All These Got Damn Zamasu's

    ALL THESE GOT DAMN ZAMASU’S!!! Black is Zamasu, standing next to a Zamasu, and they just killed a Zamasu. If i see another got damn Zamasu Ima throw my laptop out the window!! Now we gotta wait til next week to find out where the Zamasu standing next to Black came from!!! Thats enough of the mysteries already. just get to the fighting!!! and didnt they say Black and Zamasu’s ki was similar but not exactly the same?!!?!?!!? Toriyama getting so deep with the mysteries he’s confusing himself as he writes it!!!!

    • Aaron Soldier

      Exactly. I agree 100%!!! Finally someone who shares my opinion! Its like that one episode of Spongebob, were Sponge and Patrick act like Squidward and talk to the saleslady at his house and at the end of the ep, the saleslady walks out and says:”HOW MANY MORE SQUIDWARDS ARE THERE!” Lol! This is exactly how I feel. Whats up with all these Zamasus? They should have just made that the actual Goku but evil!

    • Josh Piercy

      Well, the ki could be different because it’s Zamasu’s ki mixed with Goku’s since it is his body. That would explain why it felt familier but different as well

  • Aaron Soldier

    Terrible episode. No plot whatsoever and absolutely no fighting.
    Goku not kissing ChiChi ever is an obvious joke, since he kissed her in the Cell Saga.
    Goku black being Zamasu is really stupid, since theres already 2 other Zamasus, wtf? So really he just cloned himself? Goku Black should be his own person, he should have just been Goku from Future Trunk’s timeline that turned evil.
    Akira Toriyama is really old and has no idea how to write anymore, poor guy!

    • CantIJustUseMine

      His being really old and having no idea how to write anymore would also explain the lazy, wasteful, creepy, nonsensical Trunks x Mai shipping too.

  • Bob

    Okay haters, listen up because I’m only making this comment once. It’s time to answer some questions.

    First of all, if you’re still caught on the whole “They killed Zamasu, so why is he still here” thing, then go rewatch the Cell Saga, it explains that quite well. Hell, the arguments against Zamasu work against Cell just as well, so either accept both, or accept neither.
    Second, Goku Black being Zamasu fall under the same principle, a different version of Zamasu becoming Goku while the other Future Zamasu became immortal. More than 1 timeline afterall. So we could, in theory, get an army of Zamasus coming in from all sorts of timelines…. actually, I kind of want to see that.
    Third, yes, Goku is still dead, but between the Super Dragonballs, and Old Kai in the Buu saga literally giving his life to Goku, it’s not nearly as far fetched as you think.

    In conclusion, nothing contradicting old DB so far. If you have any other questions, do feel free to ask, I could go on.

  • 7Star

    I feel like bulma will get hurt and send vegeta into another blind rage. Considering what he could do against berus in SSJ2 after he harmed bulma, imagine what he could do as SSJB. Plus theres been small hints about it as well, like when vegeta is heading into the gravity room and mutters, “I’ll never forgive him”, after trunks told him that Black killed Bulma. But who knows, we’ll just have to keep on waiting.

  • abraham

    can you guys just post like 2 episodes each weak than you might get more people watching it because some people over react if they don’t see what happens next they flip out so pleas just do it.

  • DaRealPro - Minecraft

    This doesn’t make sense wtf! Like in the future isn’t future Goku like dead already so how… wait a minute this whole part of dbs doesn’t make sense!

  • Super blue Gogeta

    One if if Goku and zamasu switch bodies to create black Goku and zamasu killed Goku matter they switched bodies how is zamasu standing right next black Goku if black Goku is zamasu in Goku body

  • Super blue Gogeta

    In this episode they could have ate.told.about the two timeline #kinda.glad they explain the timeline differences. But they could did this whole episode in 6 minutes and then get to the good parts like black vs Goku

  • ren

    so zamesu went back in time gave goku the heart disease then the androids destroy the world sending trunks back in time to save goku from the heart disease zamesu gave him so goku could defeat the androids years pass goku gains the power of the gods and trunks returns to the past to ask for help defeating an enemy that coincidentally shows up looks like goku and has zamesus ki signature. so goku and berus go to fight zamesu to see if he is the fighter from the future leading him to make the final decision to become evil and kill all humanoids. but more importantly kill goku take his body and use it to kill all humanoids. … so 1 if trunks had never traveled back in time in the first place goku would have lived vegeta died cell would have stayed dormant until several years later. the androids would have been defeated cause without trunks’ interference zamesu would have never been aware of the world…… all in all it’s all trunks’ fault.

  • Super blue Gogeta

    Next time on dragon ball super, black get. His.ass beat by Goku and vegeta while zamasu watch trunks get emotional and drop a few.tears and after all that zamasu beat the shit out of trunks,vegeta and Goku with his undying body or kills…

  • Margiela The 2nd

    Lol the title of the episode is the only reason I watched this all the way through, hilarious amounts of filler it’s becoming a theme in DBS, but that’s what Dragon Ball Universe does the best is stretch out one simple fight into an entire season of headaches, did we really need the sob 10 minutes of Trunks talking to little trunks or Mai eating a sensu or the dinner scene….I’ll check for DBS in a few months and simply catch up then, Toriyama will never give what we want, pretty sure an episode where Vegeta is victorious would be nice, or Goku with a game plan and completely destroy the bad guy like he means it, To make Goku so stupid to the point that he never kissed Chi-Chi why Akira has to do this to our beloved favs lol

  • Tha Truth

    This episode was retarded n a waste of time. Now I have to wait til next week to see trunks day dream for 20 minutes smmfh

  • SSJ-Mad

    its awesome how little trunks is the way he is and how he feels about his future self, he’s def his father in some ways

  • VGE

    What a disappointing episode. This could have been a “last time on DBS” recap. Waiting for these every week is a drain. I’m glad I saved up the first 58.

  • Ayyy lmao

    I think i have a conspiracy about how goku will kill Zamasu with the immortal body.
    Goku will teleport him to hell. where he cant run away from.

  • Hagen Derrote

    I have been thinking a lot about why I am not a fan of this new series.
    First of all, i love dragon ball that’s why i watched all the episodes.
    But there are things about DBS that I really dislike.
    And it’s that it appears to me as if they have tried to turn it into a childrens show.
    Everything looks slightly cute. There is no real violence.
    And also all the backgrounds and landscapes look soft.
    This in combination with the horrible japanese humor in some areas.
    Really anoys me. Just look at Gohan turning SSJ2 in DBZ and than look at any transformation in DBS
    it looks like a bad copy.
    But still i am happy that the story continues.
    I thought it was over for ever.

    • Bob

      Umm, it’s always been a kids show, the violence hasn’t changed. I mean, DBZ wasn’t exactly mortal kombat, and the original DB was at least twice as silly.

      • Ciksson

        Why are you fanboys constantly trying to rewrite reality? For God sake man, go an rewatch DB and DBZ and pull your head out of your ass. DBZ in comparison to DBS was actually a “mortal combat” – the quality of fights in DBZ is on completely different level, to the point it is not even funny. There is nothing wrong with silly, as long it has depth, charisma and if it is balanced with seriousness, which Dragonball was. Just one look at fights for example, and you can see fundamental difference between the shows, or look at humor – again fundamental difference, or animation which is crap – and one of the reasons is as Derrote said it is so soft. Compare raw power, strenght which was presented in DB when Goku fired Kamehameha or when he fights, compare DBZ fights or especially transformation into SSJ… with DBS transformations and fights…. Honestly it is like watching Barby cartoons with my 5 year old niece.

        But yeah, keep going.

        • Bob

          You’re the one trying to re-write reality. Compared to Mortal Kombat, Dragonball has almost no dismemberment. Sure, a few Nameks lost a few arms and Babidi was sliced up once. Still HARDLY that much different from getting lazer stabbed and having been shot with a lazer. Also, are we not watching the same series here? The fate of mankind seems pretty serious, especially in this bleak future. And frankly, Dragonball has been on this kind of fight for ages, remember Frieza? The androids? Cell? Buu? No real difference here, just nostalgia blind jerks unable to see that it’s not the series that has changed. You changed, you grew older, maybe you’re an adult, maybe just an edgey teen trying to seem cool by hating a popular show, I don’t know. I mean, if I’m a fanboy trying to re-write reality, why am I using real examples to prove my point while you’re just straight up whining?

          • Bob

            Again, Goku got shot through the chest, and Vegeta go stabbed all the way through. Plus, everyone had just as much bloodying through out the inter-universe tournament arc. Basically, I’m saying is that even in comparison, it’s not as different as you believe. Seriously, maybe try watching the damn series before pretending to be an expert on it. All you got is insults and a bad case of Nostalgia Blinding. I recommend going back and watching all of the series with someone who hasn’t seen it yet. Ya know, assuming you even did that in the first place.

          • Ciksson

            Having biased opinion is bad enough by itself, but also being illiterate at the same time, that is a massive “success”. Nobody is contesting Goku and Vegeta being shot/stabbed, but contesting the ANIMATION OF IT – as in Vegeta just got stabbed throught his torso, i would expect massive visible damage…. But…. and then in comparison with Z… According to you, this is not as different…


            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e082f6cace6636714b5be990caa1af67d37d312b0e3353967767c2a68afdb6db.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6f830410562b28bfa807552ace4775d4048c7709fcf2686f360f40cfdb45db6e.png

            There is difference between believing and knowing, i do not need to believe, i just need to watch the series to see moments like presented in the pictures, to KNOW. Based on that, your claims are factually incorrect. The same goes for inter-universe tournament where there was basically no substantial damage/blood, except that little spit of blood from Vegeta and Hit having a small cut on his face which disappeared.

            Meaning, it is clear who needs to go back and rewatch all of the series, so he can avoid making imbecilic statements which are basically on the pair of claiming Twilight is not that different from Underworld.

            Case closed, fanboy!

          • Bob

            Okay, look, you literally just posted a pic of a beaten and batter Vegeta moments after posting pics of equally beaten and battered people, and attempted to say they were different. That’s like saying that one Episode of Star Trek is worse that the last episode for not being sci-fi enough. And even the tiny few pieces of true gore (Which is still nowhere near mortal Kombat, FYI) that you did post don’t prove you right. You are asking for a Frank Miller on Drugs style gut wrenching gore fest, and are pissed that you don’t have that. We get it, you’re pissed that you outgrew a franchise you don’t even know the best parts of (Seriously, all this bloodlust makes you look 12).

            Finally, you keep talking about a thing called Underworld. I don’t know or care about whatever obscure mid 90s comic you’re talking about, but If you like it, I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the same sentence as Twilight, even more so when neither of those terrible things have nothing to do with out current conversation. Seriously, if you Think Dragonball Z is the gorefest you want it to be, do me a favor and don’t run for political office, who knows what you’d censor.

          • Ciksson

            According to Bob, this – from Dragonball Z:


            is “equal” or is not as “different” to this – from Dragonaball Super:


            Meaning, Bob, the problem is not clearly proven point, the problem is inability of a certain fanboy to accept clearly proven point due to his bias.

          • Bob

            That’s your comparison? A slightly beaten up Vegeta vs a stabbed throught eh chest BARELY breathing Vegeta? Dude, this boils down to basic anatomy, your chest has 3 vital organs the body can’t live without, he was dieing there. I guess the Android saga wasn’t as violent either since Yamcha only got stabbed through the chest before being thrown away. Heck, by your logic, Krillin getting stabbed by Frieza wasn’t that violent either. You see what I’m saying? You’ve got this weird double standard in favor of an older series. It’s nice that you admit that you’re a blind fanboy who can’t accept a point due to your bias, but come on, you need to actually solve your problem too.

          • Ciksson

            In all honesty wtf are you babbling about????? The comparison is in ANIMATION. The comparison is in the on one side “slightly” beaten Vegeta ( i guess know we know who did not watch certain show) who looks in much worse shape than Vegeta who just got stabbed through the TORSO and has suffered critical / catastrophic damage and despite he looks like a peach. This is the point, you dumbass, he just got stabbed through the chest with vital organs and despite NO BLOOD and no DAMAGE. By my logic Krillin getting stabbed looked much worse due to clearly visible damage/blood, than Vegeta getting stabbed – THAT IS THE POINT.

            Fckin illiterate cretin!

          • Bob

            Ugh, we get it, you’re an edgey 14 year old who thinks only visible blood matters instead of what actually goes on in the fight. Tell me, have you ever had a broken bone? No visible blood, but pain beyond your wildest imagination. And yet, according to you, having both legs broken is nothing because there is no visible blood. Seriously, you don’t want substance, just bleeding, just overly muscular men beating ridiculous amounts of blood out of each other. Go read a Frank Miller comic, it’s clearly all you want.

          • Ciksson

            I dont see where i have stated that lack of blood makes a certain injury like “nothing” or less serious. According to me, Vegeta with 20 cm stabb through the chest should bleed like a pig and not look peachy.

            Isnt it said, that you are being intellectually destroyed by 14 year old? Yes, you are that dumb.

          • Bob

            Umm, where HAVEN’t you heavy handedly implied it? Look at the screenshot of Impaled Krillin, by your standards, literally the only thing keeping him from “Looking peachy” is the blood, that’s it, that’s all. Also, it’s really cute how you try to say it’s not about blood then immediately admit that it is and that you are in fact a 14 year old boy who only cares about blood. Seriously, there’s more to injury than blood, like being doubled over in pain, barely breathing, hardly being able to move, all qualities that Vegeta showed in your other example. Seriously, anyone with half a brain would know that.
            Also, it’s almost too cute how you assume you won the argument without even giving any real reason to have started it. You have eyes (I assume), use them, you’ll see.

          • Ciksson

            I have made 7 posts in which i am implying lack of blood/visible damage from fights, and you are still unable to comprehend such a simplistic “concept”, you fckin buffoon.

            By my standards animation in which impailed Krillin is heavily bleeding is ACCURATE, you know as in YOU FCKIN BLEED when you are impailed.

            Where the fck i claim it is not about blood? Also when did i claim that it is all about the blood? I have stated:”I dont see where i have stated that lack of blood makes a certain injury like “nothing” or less serious. According to me, Vegeta with 20 cm stabb through the chest should bleed like a pig and not look peachy.” I have stated lack of blood AND VISIBLE DAMAGE.

            Its funny, how you first make an imbecilic assumption of me being 14 years old which has zero correlation with debate and does not improve your shitty arguments, and secondly when i do not respond to such imbecilic remark, you fail to realize that i did not respond to it, simply because it is complete and utter imbecilic non sequitur which perfectly shows how dumb you are.

          • Bob

            You’re doing that thing I see all to often on the internet, trying to refute my point while proving it. Your point is that only blood matters, and all characters should always spew gallons of it on every single impact in ways that even Frank Miller would find too much. You say it’s not about the blood then write an essay on how it’s all about the blood. Seriously, read your own comments, you’ll see that you are making it all bout the blood and not about anything else.

          • Bob

            Okay, let me remind you that you are in fact making it all about blood. To you, it’s clearly the difference between “Looking peachy” and looking nearly dead. You showed several impalements where the only discernible difference between Vegeta’s most recent one, and that one was the presence of blood. Then you go around yelling “IT NOT ABOUT BLOOD, IT ABOUT BLOOD” as if you aren’t contradicting yourself. Trust me, anyone who reads your comments would see that.

  • Reviewers pls actully wtch dbs

    To all dbs fans that think zamasu absorbs power. And the he and goku black are absorbing power. Goku black gets stronger when he fights present goku because he is learning the fighting style that suits gokus body when he fights present goku, I think that he has manage to master gokus true potential and that’s why he has reached ssj, rose I think this is explained in episode 50 when goku black is forced to return to his time line by his time ring

  • Tyrion4Prez

    What hasn’t Goten been mentioned at all in this entire arc? This would have been the episode to do it with Future Trunks explaining the difference between their worlds to little Trunks. All little Trunks would have to say is “wait if Goku died when you were 6 months old then Goten wasnt born?” Then Future Trunks would be like “who is this Goten you speak of?” BOOM. Future Trunks’ mind is SHATTERED!

  • autobot prime

    in this episode, Future Trunks (F Trunks) explains that his future is different than Present Trunks’ (P Trunks). This is an example of the infinite dimensions theory, where every time you make a decision, another dimension is created where you made a different decision. This theory explains the reason that even though F Trunks stopped something in the past, he didn’t change his future.

  • renegade

    lol I say black hurts mai and trunks gets pissed and goes super saiyan blue and the three of them defeat black while zamas watches because black is too cocky to let him help!

  • HevtiG-Sama

    Hi all. I finaly caught up. So sorry to say thou that a lot of you have lots of anger in replies. I already blockt some racist and i will probably block a lots more because realy, this is so sad to see! If you see my replies or posts after a while then you a good person in my eye’s. Now lets have fun and cool disqus. Sayonara.

  • Max

    The start of this episode explains quite clearly why the idea of time travel is impossible, except if different timelines are created in the process.

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