Dragon Ball Super episode 61 English Dubbed

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  • Moo

    WTF is wrong with the dub bullshit! Every week or so they never have their shit ready! First the quality was bad, then colours were dark with a loud audio, now every other week there’s no video. English dub needs to get their shit checked!

      • Byere

        Actually, in many cases recently, it’s not a case of not uploading it, it’s that the episode hasn’t actually aired. There’s been so many damned breaks in between episodes (check the wiki page about the episodes to see when they’re airing in the US)

        • DaHell

          except it did air last night, theres videos of it on Youtube. So again, why isn’t it uploaded to this page? The disrespect for the English dub is sickening

        • reddood2

          yea they got the day right yesterday at 10/11 pm they were like days late with episode 45 i didn’t even know it was on youtube i searched it up to but maybe it was to early but meh gonna try to find it tho

  • Lee Walton

    I know I’m a Vegeta fanboy, but they really messed the Goku character up, didn’t they? I know I have said this before, but come on!!!!
    DBZ Goku was ultra-focused in his fights, and never prone to making DBS mistakes, and never in such large amounts, either. Absolutely ridiculous. Toryama clearly doesn’t rehash his knowledge of the DB canon…. I bet he doesn’t even look over his old mangas any more

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