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Dragon Ball Super episode 86 : “Title”



    • José Pedro Malveiro

      on what sense? if you’re talking about Uub he appeared in the last episode of DBZ as an incarnation of Buu 😮 and Goku did leave to train him after fighting him in the Tournament so that’s still canon

  • mantazzo

    A very nostalgic, “throwback-y” and one of the better episodes for me personally. I think I can point out three key parts from this episode:
    1) Dende Intro. Since we all know DBS is happening after Evil Buu fight and before actual end of DBZ (so in that 10 years), the actual “connection” to the DBZ end was a nice touch; although I’d prefer having a different ending now…
    2) 17’s power. I’m a bit surprised SSJ Goku had problems with him fighting. Either power levels are, again, unbalanced, or I don’t know…
    3) Fillers. I wonder just how many more fillers we will get before the actual fight. So currently we have Goku, Gohan, Buu, Vegeta, Krillin, 18, Piccolo and 17 “introduced”… We still don’t have neither Master Roshi or Tian… And “31 hour 40 minutes” remaining… We already have 3 episodes for fillers, 4th next; I suspect 5-6 more episodes before actual fight begins.

      • Zardock

        Anyone who watches the show has a valid point of criticizing it, otherwise no one would criticize it at all. While I do appreciate the filler episodes, I am getting weary of the 4 fillers – 2-4 relevant episodes – then 4 fillers again pattern.

        It makes me feel like they’re running out of ideas when the characters spend so much little time on training or discussing what’s actually happening (universe ending tournament) instead of just spending half of entire episodes of flashbacks and fillers of stuff we’ve already seen. Then suddenly when we’re done with the fillers, all the characters get magic power boosts instead of training, and it just seems really half assed at times.

  • Michael Levens

    Is Broly canon? If so, he should be invited. Also make a time machine and pick up trunks or go far into the future and pick up a super strong person?

    Secondly, 31 hours? They still have time to throw everyone into the hyperbolic time chamber and train for a year.

  • Stefan

    Lol, seriously? SSJB was necessary to test 17? Totally ridiculous.. Even if by some miracle 17s training got himself to SSJ3 caliber, that should still be a joke compared to SSJG, let alone Blue.. I appreciate trying to make other characters more relevant again, but this aspect is ridiculous..

    • John Schulz

      this is the dragon ball franchise. if your still here after watching everything up to current, than i guarantee you know better. and its a poor joke at a reaction fish. to quote a famous dbz parody. “power levels are bullshit” ’nuff said.

      more to the point, i love how you just up and smack on probably the most brilliant take this series has done so far in homage to loose ends in DBZ. 17’s training should be a joke? you think SSJB to test him is ridiculous? funny things to say when we honestly know nothing about the androids full power, let alone their potential. im no nut job when it comes to anime. but i get pissed when people make posts like this based on the barest of facts. let me help accentuate those for you:

      firstly, lets simply state the obvious. characters are just that. they aren’t alive, they can’t truly be empathized with. however, the authors and artists in anime certainly want you, as the viewer, to feel the sensations that they go through. in the case of the androids, this is highly relevant, as i go on.

      the android saga into the cell saga was sort of a giant middle finger arc. goku just became a SSJ1, and now we have future trunks, and even vegeta doing the same. then we have the 16, 17, and 18 androids, who basically treat it like a party trick, and shatter our reasoning that SSJ1 is any sort of awesome whatsoever. this here is important. what are the characters of the 17 and 18 androids? simple. everything is a joke, and how should they entertain themselves? they don’t experience fear, or tension. they walk over everything. 17 has a fight scene w/ super picollo that lasts over 5 episodes, so we can learn he was just goofing off and paid the price for not taking it seriously. what the hell is his mentality? even right before cell shows up, when 17 has taken a bit of damage, and picollo is running low on Ki… he’s amazed that picollo could do so much. English? “how the hell can you still be standing after all that? *whistle* ”

      the 17 and 18 androids by no means take anything seriously, they don’t have the need to. then cell comes along, and for the first time they face a life and death scenario, and freeze up. the amount of sheer effort that was put into expressing their inability to act out of fear in the artwork clearly shows. they were made as the ultimate fighters. they have no clue what to do when they face a superior opponent. coupled with the fact it wants to absorb, or in other words consume them… i think the only fair note to make is that they would likely be below semi-perfect cell in power regardless. and while that is a fair placement. don’t forget that again; they have no prior training. and they lack experience in genuine combat, as much as they may have the skills for it. they were designed for conquering, not combat. so we not only get to see none of 18’s max power, but we only see a glimpse of 17 toying around. when they get serious, and particularly if they have been training or otherwise improving for the last… meh… probably about 4 or 5 years since cell died… they are one big unknown that i was and still am very much looking forward to.

      they can hype them up to the moon and back. i’ll take it all in stride simply because it may be a stretch, but the logic of it stands. and if you want to harp on an anime that makes no sense and treats important canon facts like a joke… go watch Akame ga kill. i guarantee you won’t need to diss on sound plot with all the holes in that one.

    • Jason Motley

      It was my understanding the difference between SSB and regular SSj is Ki conrol. SSJ is based off of anger, focused anger but still anger. Where SSB is based off of Calmness, which gives him better Ki control. Which is why his hair looks the same as a SSj or SS2. Theoretically with the Ki control he should be able to do SSB3 without the side effects he experienced before.

    • John El

      Well, there is expected to be fighters around the same power level as SSJB in the tournament; especially after they’ve witnessed SSJB in the prelims. Goku’s probably seeing if they can, at least, go up against SSJB. Then it won’t just be everyone in Universe 7 getting knocked out except the usual mains.

    • Payeton Harvey

      You just don’t understand that he has infinite energy and he doesn’t have to eat and he could of been fighting for many years straight way more than Goku and he could improve a lot more than Goku. I’m sorry that 17 is such a badass and you care about little gay Goku.

      • Stefan

        Lol Payeton I’ve been watching Dragon Ball since the original series was on TV (and I don’t mean DBZ).. I know all about 17.

        [Spoiler Alert] You didn’t find it suspicious that SSJB Goku one punched a fully restored Gohan, yet 17 held his own against him? Even Toyotaro saw this flaw and changed it in the manga (Goku was ssj3 against 17 in the manga – which makes MUCH more sense)..

        Please don’t feel sorry for me – I feel sorry for you. Sorry that you don’t see that overpowering 17 like this completely diminishes Goku and Vegeta’s struggle to attain god-tier powers (they literally needed divine intervention and years of training with divine beings – how did 17 achieve this on his own?). I’m also sorry for you that your level of maturity involves having to resort to petty and tasteless insults to get your point across.

    • Jason Motley

      Goku is holding back. He has said plainly. Hes testing the others to see how strong they are. The only one that gave him any difficulty is Android 17. Even then he said he was holding back. Now I dont think he expected 17,18 or Krillen to be as strong as they are so it was more of a surprise.

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